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Hi, I’m Terry.

I love concepts that most people aren’t often thinking about. In the business world—those categories are information technology, database administration, and DevOps. When some people write on those topics, people are put to sleep. Not when I put pen to paper—Terry Webb makes SQL sexy.

Who Is Terry Webb?

When I was in high school I spoke in the third person a lot. “Terry Webb coming through!” was one of my favorite things to say when walking through the hallways. I now laugh at my 17-year-old self but my confidence has not gone away.

I’m not your typical nerd but I definitely don’t shy away from that title. I love the nerdiest parts of businesses and organizations. They are what really makes the world go round. Processes make me happy and clear-cut technology makes me smile.

What makes me smile even more is telling people about all of this fun stuff. If I can help a team of engineers work together or even get them to stop writing passwords on sticky notes, I get excited. I do this in two different ways. The first one is consulting—which is mainly how I make a living. The second way is a bit newer but equally as fun and it is in the form of writing.

I only write about the most interesting topics… to me, at least. If you think improving the efficiency of an IT team by 3% is interesting then you might see agree with my opinions on interesting topics.

Let’s work together

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